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2 Awesome iPad Posters for your Students

Are you using iPad with your younger grade students ? If yes, have you provided them a with guideline sheet  on the acceptable use of this device in the classroom ? I am thinking you already did but Sandy has another smart idea.Knowing that she will go through a lot of shouting and headaches over the use of iPad with her elementary students, Sandy created an " acceptable Use Policy " poster and used it on her classroom rules board so students can refer back to it during the whole year. This poster features all the rules and guidelines  her students need to abide by when using their iPad. Honestly, I am so much impressed by this idea and I liked how she planned her students use of iPad beforehand. Luckily, Sandy offers her poster for free (yay ) and those of you who are teaching in the elementary can use it as well.

Click here to download the poster. Enjoy

Here is her second Poster. click here to download it

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