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What Teachers Need to Know about Infowhelm

Infowhelm is a phenomenon that emerged as a result of this tsunami of information coming from Internet. We are bombarded with torrents of  of information in everywhere we turn  and the thing is most of this information is just junk or what Howard Rheingold called Information Crap ( from his book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online ). In view of this, the questions we, as teachers and educators, should ask ourselves are : how much information is too much information ? And how can we teach our students to deal with information overload and sift through the foam to get to the  cream ?

All of you would probably agree that the answers to these questions lay within what is called Information literacy or information fluency.According to the american library association: to be information literate, a student must  be able to recognize when information is needed, and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information . Digital literacy can be cast to a considerable extent, as a form of information literacy that demands skilled navigation through searching for and making sense of relevant and reliable information. Lanham noted in " American Scientific ", the " word literacy ", meaning the ability to read and write, has gradually extended its grasp in the digital age until it has come to mean the ability to understand information, however presented " ( 1995, p. 198).

To shed more light on this phenomenon called Infowhelm and information fluency, I am sharing with you a great video on this topic. Enjoy

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