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What Happens in An Internet Minute

I just came across this beautiful graphic on what happens every minute online and thought you might want to have a look as well. It is just amazing how internet is changing every bit of our life.Since the incarnation of the second generation of the web or what Tim O'Reilly called Web2.0, there has been a silent revolution going on in the virtual world  regarding how end-users interact, produce, publish, and share online data. The digitization of human knowledge has resulted in major paradigm shifts not least is the unlimited accessibly to information anytime, anywhere. This democratic aspect of knowledge sharing and building have opened people's eyes to many things they ignored before and the result is political turmoil in middle east and north Africa with entire autocratic regimes collapsing........

An in-depth discussion of the impact of Intenet on our lives is way beyond this short post and this is why I will close it with the graphic below. Go through the surprising data and facts included in it and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy

click on the image to enlarge it.

courtesy of 

"This is a spoken word poem video production and performance by David Bowden. 
This video is presented by Scott Klososky."

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