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The New Design of Education

Does our current system prepare students for the world of tomorrow ?Is education going in pace with the fast-paced developments in the world of technology? Do we really need a fundamental redesign of the educational experience ? These are some of the questions the video below answers. I do share the view expressed in this video regarding the importance of technology in today's education. Our students are digital natives who have developed new learning styles that fit in with their digital lifestyles and schools should attend to these new learning needs and not ignore them.  " True excellence is buried inside everyone of our students but our factory model of education tends to squelch not to enhance individual creativity and ingenuity. This standardized and mechanized educational system  drains the vitality and creativity of teachers and administrators." Solution : we need a new design, one that customizes learning and seeks to ignite the spark in each the video below to learn more about the new design of education.

Thanks for Scot Mcleod for the tip.

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