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Teacher's Guide to The Use of Blooms Taxonomy in The Classroom

Blooms Taxonomy is one of the popular topics here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I have amassed a treasure trove of great resources on everything that is related to this taxonomy from web tools to mobile apps. The good thing about Blooms Taxonomy is that it is highly  adaptive and teachers can easily accommodate it in their classroom in the way that they see fit .When it was first conceptualized and brought into being in the first half of last century, there was hardly  any technology integrated in education yet it was providing teachers with the skills to develop in their learners according to each one's specific learning environment . Now that technology has engulfed every facet of education, we start talking about the digital version of Blooms Taxonomy and how technology can be used to foster  higher order thinking skills .

Today's resource comes from Eyeoneducation . This is basically a great infographic on strategies teachers can use to apply Bloom's Taxonomy in the classroom. Enjoy

  application of blooms taxonomy

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