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Excellent iPad Apps to Create Interactive eBooks for Teachers and Students

Yesterday when I was talking about the 22 rules for effective digital storytelling, I mentioned writing stories as one motivational factor that helps students get engaged in their writing.Students find it easier to connect to their writing when it centers around their own experiences they have lived in their immediate environments. Another strategy to use to enhance your students writing and get them motivated to write is to provide them with simple and easy to use platforms to publish their work. Knowing that their final product is going to be published somewhere for others to view and read may drive them to write diligently to satisfy their writing egos. There are actually several web tools that students can use to publish and  share  their writings with others, here is a list of the best platforms you can recommend for your students.

Now that the iPad is being popular among our students, we can also shift their writing and publishing experience to this new device and provide them with some awesome apps that allow them to easily create their own ebooks and share them with others. I have curated a list of some popular apps in this regard, check them out below and let me know if you have any other suggestions to add to the list. Enjoy

1- Creative Book Builder

Creative Book Builder enables everyone to create, edit and publish ebooks in a few minutes on the go. All published ebooks can be read by any ePub reader including iBooks. Everyone is professional writer now! 

2- Book Creator for iPad

The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore.Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on.

3- eBook Creator

eBook Creator’ is the simplest and easiest ebook creation application. Its interface is designed for all ages and skill levels so that young kids are able to make ebooks using the app.

4- eBook Magic+

“Using the easy-to-use interface of this app you can add text, place photos on pages, and share with your friends within a few seconds. You can make custom photo books easily on your iPad from anywhere.” 

5- DemiBooks

Produce richly interactive content with the same tool used by many independent storytellers and leading publishers such as McGraw-Hill Education and Kane Miller Books. Use Composer for interactive presentations, tutorials and design prototypes.

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