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Excellent Google Books Tips for Teachers

Google Books is one of the best services from Google . It was formerly known as Google Print before Google changed it to Google Books. This is basically a platform ( online library ) where Google displays materials that have been stored in its database. These materials can be books, magazines, and any other form of text that Google has scanned and converted to text using optical character recognition.
Knowing how to effectively  search Google Books can save you time and trips to the library and below are some tips to help you better manage your Google Book searches.

  • Search full text. Google Books offers full text for over 10,000 books, so look here the next time you are researching something at the last minute.
  • Use "About this book". At the top left of the page of a book, clicking this link will give you helpful information such as the table of contents, related books, and a map of places mentioned in the book.
  • Create a personalized library. Click on "Add to my shared library" to start your own personalized library where you can label books to keep them organized for each class or project.
  • Find books in your college library. Each book in Google Books has a link to find the book in a library. It can tell you exactly where to look at your own school.
  • Use the Advanced Book Search. If you can’t find the book you are looking for, try the advanced search, which provides you with many more detailed options.
  • Access text books. Many text books are available on Google Books, so see if you can save a trip to the bookstore next semester.
  • Search for magazine content. Select Magazines in the Advanced Book Search to locate information from magazines.
  • Read the blog. Google Books is constantly evolving, so stay on top of all the latest news with the Inside Google Books blog.
  • Find books to supplement your assigned texts. Search by subject to see what books you may be able to read to get the extra leg up in your classes.
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