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Excellent Digital Game-Based Learning Resources for Teachers

Digital gaming is making huge inroads in education . Digital games are compelling in the sense that they elicit more engagement and attention. One  of my favourite authors I love referring to when talking about digital gaming in education is James Paul Gee. Gee analyzes the learning principles that make out of today's digital games the forerunners  of instructional tools that will determine how we learn in the future. I have already talked in detail about these learning principles in a post I published two months ago , you can read it here. For those of you interested in having an in-depth perspective on how to leverage the power of digital games in their teaching and learning I would suggest the following titles, they are outstanding :

What makes digital games great learning tools :

Here are some of the reasons why digital games are important in learning :

  • Digital games reflect essential aspects of our cognition and culture
  • They reflect our ability to respond rapidly and adaptably to uncertain visual stimuli
  • They present players with situations in which they have to use their powers of inferring, critical thinking, assimilating, problem-solving, collaborating,and synthesising
  • They evoke different emotional responses most obviously : determination, relief and pride, curiosity and wonder, fear and aggression, humour and joy

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