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Awesome Chrome Tips for Teachers

If you are using Chrome, the tips below will be of great help. Check them out and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy

  • Use a "Pin Tab". If you have multiple tabs open, use a "Pin Tab" to make the tabs the size of the little icon on the left side.
  • Don’t overlook Paste and Search and Paste and Go. These two features are available when you right-click to add a word or URL to Chrome and will save you an extra step.
  • Reopen a closed tab. Oops! If you didn’t mean to close that tab, just press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen it.
  • Use the Chrome shortcuts. Open a new tab, see your history, maximize your window, and much more with these shortcuts.
  • Take advantage of the address bar. With Google Chrome, you can use the address bar to perform a Google search, quickly access pages you’ve already visited, and get recommendations for places to go.
  • Go incognito. If you don’t want to leave traces of where you were browsing, use incognito mode instead of having to go back and delete your history and cookies.
  • Use the bookmarks manager. Stay organized, rearrange bookmarks, search for bookmarks, add folders, and much more with the bookmark manager.
  • ChromePass. This tool will give you a list of all the password information stored in Google Chrome.
  • Save as PDF. Save any page as a PDF with this bookmarklet.
  • ChromeMailer. If you’ve lost valuable time when having to manually enter email information from a website because Google Chrome doesn’t support the mailto: function, then you will love this extension.
  • Google Chrome Backup. Back up your personal data, bookmarks, and more with this simple tool.