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A Must Watch TED Talk on The Importance of Focus

 How can we set up a compromise between going digital and keeping our focus abilities intact ? This is one of the questions that has always bewildered me. I am a strong advocator of the use of technology particularly in education but I also have concerns on how much technology is a healthy technology. How, for instance, can you concentrate when reading an online article while you have to keep going back and forth to check on your social media websites and respond to notifications and beeps coming from what others have shared and checking your emails to answer unread ones...and answering text messages your girl friend is sending you on phone ? Some call this multitasking. But what about multi-tasking ? There is now a growing body of scientific research in disfavor of this " bad habit ". Most of the research coming out of the labs of cognitive scientists suggest that we are incapable of efficiently managing more than two tasks :

 scientists are discovering that today’s mania for cramming everything in at once is creating a perilous cocktail of brain problems, from severe stress and rage in adults to learning problems and autism-like behavior in children. 
So The question is : are you willing to sacrifice your focus abilities at the altar of digitization ? I hope you are not because focus is one of the key elements of success . Using  examples of famous people from disperate fields, such as James Cameron, Quincy Jones, and Larry Page, , Richard ST John suggests why focus is one of eight traits common of success.
Richard TED talk is a must see for every teacher.It is really eye-opening to several misconceptions people hold about focus. Here are some excepts from this talk :

  • You've got to be super focused like a laser to get anything worthwile done. When I did Avatar I was focused for 4 years. ( James Cameron  film maker : Avatar, Titanic )
  • You should focus on one important goal and you need to be pretty single-minded about it. Larry Page, co founder, Google )
  • When Tom Monoghan ( founder of Domino's Pizza ) was asked about the secret of his success he said " a fanatical focus on doing one thing well "
  • " If you want to be a software company you have to be only a software company, you can't dabble in other things." ( Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft )
  • " There should be no phone in your writing room, no TV or  video games. Draw the curtains and eliminate every possible distraction " .( Stephen King, Best selling novelist )

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