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A Great List of 70+ iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

iPad Academy featured a curated list of some great iPad apps for both teachers and students. I have gone through this list and found it really interesting and definitely worth sharing with you here. The list contains more than 70 iPad apps with a short description of each app  together with the link leading to the iTune page where you can download it . You probably are already familiar with some of the apps you will find in it because we have already featured many of them in previous posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning but to have all of them gathered in one place  and accessible from one single platform is really awesome.

 It would have been more practical, in my view, if iPad Academy arranged this collection of apps into categories and subcategories based on content are, skills targeted or any other categorization that would make it easier for readers to instantly find the apps they are looking for , anyway we should still thank them for them for the time and efforts they invested in this work. Click on the snapshot below to access the original list  which you can download in PDF format. Enjoy

Click Here to download the list

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