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5 Strategies to Develop Problem Solving Skills for your Students

Problem solving is one of the basic 21st century skill every student should be able to develop. It has been clearly outlined in the Common Core standards and is a necessary component of any curriculum objectives kit. By implication, problem solving inherently involves decision-making which is another important skill  not only for academic achievement  but for success in life in general.

Benefits of problem solving for kids
Here are some of the advatanges of teaching kids how to problem solve

  • Using effective problem solving techniques will help kids avoide conflicts in a school setting and in their day to day lives
  • It can also strengthen kid's beginning empathy skills
  • It can help kids learn more positive attributions about other persons' intentions
  • Problem solving is essential for school readiness and academic success.

Here are some basic steps to problem solving from Michigan State University :
  • Identify the problem.
  • List the possible solutions or courses of action.
  • Weigh the possible solutions.
  • Choose a solution to try.
  • Put the solution into practice.
  • Evaluate the solution.
Now let me share with you this awesome graphic  featuring 5 methods for developing problem solving skills. Enjoy

problem solving methods Courtesy of Eyeoneducation

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