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5 Great Tutorials on How to Build your Personal Learning Network

A personal learning network is a method of linking kids and adults to major sources of information on the Internet. It is like choosing your closest friends that you want to listen to because they keep you up
to date, you trust what they have to say, and it is your method of keeping current on what is going on. Will Richardson has created a very very important book here that every teacher  should read and
implement both in their own lives and in the lives of their students. Will provides a number of tools that help all of us link to our favorites and even provides directions for getting started with each tool he recommends.
More importantly, he describes and promotes the idea of the classroom (and we can say Learning Commons) where PLNs are as natural as plugging in and turning on.  The book is entitled : Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education

Here are some great video tutorials on how to create and use your own PLN

1- Sketchy explanation : Staring a PLN

2- Will Richardson on PLN

3- PLN How to Build One

4-Personal Learning Networks for Educators

5- PLN Continuous Professional Development

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