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5 Awesome Infographics on English Language

Among the four languages I fluently speak, English is my favorite medium for communication not only because I have been teaching it for 9 years now but most importantly because I , somehow,  confided in it my " linguistic secret ". When you speak more than a language it is often the case that you would be more inclined to favor a language on another. I am not talking here about code switching because this is something else; in code switching you are obligated to switch your language because of  certain reasons like for instance the formality of the situation you are found in, but I am talking about those instances when you have the choice to use a certain linguistic code to communicate your ideas yet you speak another code because you like speaking it: this is the essence of the linguistic secret I mentioned above.

However, the purpose of this post is not about multilingualism or code switching I might probably cover these topics in more details in separate posts in the future, but for now let me share with you some great infographics on English language. All thanks go to Hunting English for sharing them with us. You can also check Educational Infographics section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning for more graphics to use with your students in the classroom. Enjoy

1-  The History of the English language

history of english

2- 15 Most Misspelled words
  misspelled words

3- How to Use Quotation Marks

how to use quotation marks

4- 10 Hyphenation Tips
hyphenation marks

5-  Idioms about time

idioms abt time

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