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4 Great iPad Apps to Create Digital Portfolios

In this post, I am revisiting the topic of digital portfolio which I have talked about in earlier posts here in   Educational Technology and Mobile Learning . Check out the Digital Portfolio section to learn more about both the web based and mobile apps teachers can use to create eportfolios for their students. As you know the importance of eportfolios in education stems from the fact that they  enhance students overall  learning and provide them with a chance to showcase their academic work to their peers, parents or the whole school.

Here are some other advantages of eportfolios I quoted from Teacher's Guide on The use of Digital Portfolios in Education.

  • e-portfolios make classroom learning more accessible to parents, teachers and administrators
  • They provide a window into student learning
  • They showcase both student achievement and student learning over time
  • They provide additional assessment information beyond what can be collected from traditional letter grade
  • They provide students with a vehicle for regular feedback and dialogue with their teachers
  • They allow students to think critically and reflect upon their work
  • They enable teachers to develop a picture of the learning that is taking place and show them areas that need more attention
  • e-portfolios  increase student engagement, promote a continuing conversation about learning between teachers, parents, and students, and extend academic lessons beyond school walls
  • Digital portfolios also offer opportunity for students to showcase skills and kinds of intelligence that often are not measured on standardized tests.
  • Creating digital portfolios provides and opportunity to teach students technology skills such as how to import pictures, resize images, take screen shots, or use a digital or video camera

 In this post I am providing you with some extra iPad apps that you can use with your students to create ePortfolios. I have just learned about these apps from Teach Thought. I only included the apps I did not cover in my post " 5 interesting iPad Apps to Create ePortfolios "

1- Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio is the easiest and most powerful way to create an ePortfolio. Let your digital and analog work shine with this professional and truly gorgeous tool. Capture and share your work with ease.

2- Open School ePortfolio

OpenSchool ePortfolio allows a teacher to easily create and maintain digital portfolios for an entire class or multiple classes. It incorporates multimedia tools built into mobile digital devices and has an inviting interface that motivates students to participate in the process of creating an authentic record of their academic, artistic and social growth.

3- Three Ring

Three Ring allows you to take pictures of student work and keep track of them online. It's a fast, flexible, and simple way to organize and present your students' real world work, from handwritten assignments to classroom presentations.

4- Kid Blog

Create and manage Kidblog accounts from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Teachers can monitor blog activity and moderate comments and posts. Students can easily upload photos and videos directly from their iOS device - with no embed codes or HTML. Happy blogging!

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