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23 Ways to Use iPad for Project Based Learning

Two of the main articles I published this month here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  are geared towards helping teachers in their professional development. One  is entitled 14 technology concepts every teacher should know about in which I revisited some popular terms in the world of educational technology including terms like e-learning, blended learning, virtual classrooms, learning management systems mention but some. The second post is about a set of learning methods that is integral to the 21st century classroom. Some of these methods include : inquiry based learning, problem based learning, discovery learning, situated learning.....

But while I was working on the last post I came across this great graphic from Teach Thought featuring 23 ways to use iPad for project based learning and thought you might be interested to have a look as well. Check it out below and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy

ipad project based learning

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