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21st Century Digital Skills Graphic for Teachers

As a 21st century teacher, have you ever took the time to ponder on the skills you need to work on to improve your teaching ? what about technology, is it included in those skills ? Posing such questions and trying to find answers to them is one major component of a successful teaching experience. It is a healthy process indicative of a sound professional growth and the more we ask questions the better our teaching practice becomes.

Because the world is going digital, technology has become a major player in the learning-teaching equation. Being as such, Developing the necessary digital skills to meet the learning needs of our digitally wired students has become a pressing necessity . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already covered in detail more than 33 digital skills that teachers need to have to better fit in within the 21st century classroom, and today I am sharing with you a graphic inspired from that list. Enjoy

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