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20 Reasons Why you Should Use Google Plus

Google Plus is a relatively  new platform in the social media arena yet it has has gained in popularity what makes it a serious threat to Facebook and Twitter long established reputation.No wonder Google has invested a lot of engineering in it and is determined to take it to the top. Google Plus has become a determiner of the search results you get while searching Google. Those links that are plused  by anyone from your circles are given priority in search results. Similarly, when you plus blogs and websites then chances are when you conduct a query in Google search engine , Google will first poll links from those websites and blogs you already plused . This is one strategy Google is using to establish Google Plus as a leading social media website .

Just like other social networking websites, Google Plus has a growing potential in education. More and more educators and teachers are using it to connect  and learn from each other. I particularly love the Hangout feature it provides but  there are also many other useful functionalities embedded in Google Plus and which you can use for educational purposes . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already reviewed some of the ways teachers and students can use Google Plus and it also recommended some important Google Plus circles for educators together with a safety guide for every teacher and parent using Google Plus.

Today I am sharing with you this awesome infographic on the reasons why you need to consider using Google Plus. Check it  out below and share with us your feedback. Enjoy

reasons to use google plus Courtesy of Infographicslab

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