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Ways to Teach Using Infographics

Infographics are becoming  great educational materials to use in both teaching and learning. By definition an infographic is a visual representation of data. This representation is multi-modal in the sense that it can have different forms of text : flowcharts, diagrams  images, and many more. What makes Infographics so popular is their visual attractiveness.

Given the  growing importance of infographics as learning and teaching tools, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning created a section where I post  some of the most popular educational infographics out there. I have been doing this for the last couple of years and this section now counts more than 70 infgraphics all relevant for educational purposes.
If you want to create your own infographics then this list of tools will be of great help to you. However, today I am sharing with you a great video by our colleague Kathy Shrock on Infographics as creative assessments.
Here are some of the important ideas included in the video :

Why Infographics ?

  • To communicate a message
  • Present large amounts of data meaningfully
  • Reveal hidden data for the viewer

What types can students create ?

  •  Statistical infographics
  •  Timeline infographics
  • Informational Infographics
  • Process Information
  • Gameboard metaphor
  • Personal preference

What are the steps ?

  • Select a layer-based image
  • Have students investigate types of visuals
  • Conduct research
  • Have students create a rough draft
  • Teach students about creative commons
  • Have students gather and create assets
  • Teach students about the use of color
  • Teach students about the use of fonts
  • Teach students about layouts
  • Teach students an organizational model

Here is the video , click to watch.

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