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The Basics of Blended Learning

With the growing embrace of technology into education, there emerges a whole bunch of new concepts and technical terminology in the teaching and learning literature to the point that it becomes cumbersome to keep track of the novelties in this field. Sometimes the lines are blurred and you can not even differentiate between one concept and the other as is the case between flipped classroom and blended learning. The list of such technical terminology is growing bigger and bigger and now we have : virtual classroom,, MOOCs, Asynchronous learning, virtual learning environment, Online Lab, to mention but some.

Given the  growing perplexity of such jargon, I deemed it important to go through each concept and try to provide you with resources that explain it the best, and just as I did with Flipper Classroom in earlier posts, today I am sharing with you some great videos to help you understand what Blended learning is all about. I will also be posting in the next coming articles about several other educational tech-related concepts you need to know about. Stay tuned

Before you watch the videos here is a short explanation of what is blended learning

" A blended learning approach combines face to face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities to form an integrated instructional approach. In the past, digital materials have served in a supplementary role, helping to support face to face instruction.For example, a blended approach to a traditional, face to face course might mean that the class meets once per week instead of the usual three-session format. Learning activities that otherwise would have taken place during classroom time can be moved online...." Source Weblearning

 1- The Basics of Blended Learning

2- Blended Learning in Plain English

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