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Teacher's Guide on The Effective Use of Google Scholar

A couple of days ago I posted The Top 12 Academic Search Engines and it was really amazing the amount of feedback I got following the publication of that post. I am really delighted that you found the list helpful. I also got some emails from some readers asking about  tutorials on how to effectively use Google Scholar. I know most of you prefer Google Scholar and most of the time if you do an academically-focused query in Google search engine , the first search results it features are from Google Scholar. The thing I like the most about Google Scholar is that it is integrated with some university libraries. My university ( Mount Saint Vincent University ) library  for instance has this option which allows me to get PDFs without having to pay.
However, not everything on Google Scholar is paid for, there are some good stuff that are free of charge and it is up to how skilled you are with searching its database to lay your hands on such resources.

Fortunately, I checked back in my archive and found this interesting video done by Google search engineer  Daniel Russel. This is probably the best tutorial you can find out there and which will walk you step by step through the different stages of using  Google Scholar . It can also provide you with the necessary ground work to teach your students about search education. Enjoy

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