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How to Learn Fast

Today as I was going through my bookmarks I came across the graphic below.I saved it probably a month ago but I never get to it till this evening, sometimes I really get overwhelmed by the multitude of bookmarks I save everyday. This is what Clay Johnson called Information overload  in his phenomenal book  The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption . Think about our kids and students and how much information they are exposed to everyday, are they really  prepared to deal with the engulfing tsunami of information bombarding them everywhere they go ? This is, I believe, where our responsibility as teachers and educators come into play, we definitely need to provide them with the tech knowledge and tools necessary to harness the flow of such information. I am pretty sure all of the readers who have been following Educational Technology and Mobile Learning for sometime now know exactly the kind of tools I am talking about .
However, this post is not about information overload, we will come to this topic in a future post, today I want to introduce you to an awesome graphic entitled How to Learn Fast and in which the speed of learning is compared to the speed of travelling fro San Fransisco to London and below are the results. Enjoy

" The distance from  San Francisco to London is apporox 5500 miles:
Learning by reading is like walking. If you’ll walk 24 hours a day, and wear levitation boots you came to London in 1833 hours.
Learning throughout school is like biking. If you’ll bike 24 hours a day, you’ll be in London in 366 hours.
Learning from mentor is like driving. If you’ll drive 24 hours a day, you’ll be in London in 85 hours.
Learning by doing is like flying a plane. In 11 hours you’ll be there.
Learning by taking big risks – it’s like flying a rocket that’s what the most successful entrepreneurs do. If  do that, you’ll be in London in 33 min " Taken from Funders and Founders

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