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A Must See Video on Bullying

Bullying is a serious epidemic that threatens the well-fare of our schools and learning environments. The stats are alarming and the results are catastrophic. According to The Truth about Bullying ,1 out of 4 kids is bullied every month in the United States alone. 160.000 kids miss school everyday for fear of being bullied; 1 in 10 children drops out of school due to bullying and every 7 minutes a child is bullied.

 My hearts beats faster every time I read these numbers, Our students are in desperate need for our help and we do need to take concerted efforts to save them. It does not take a lot, just Awareness. Making students ware of the dangers of bullying can make the whole difference, don't underestimate your words. Your words as a teacher can have a huge effect on how students see bullying. Help them get rid of this epidemic and in doing so you are creating a safe environment where all of our kids can thrive.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has created a separate section where you can have  access to a variety of  resources on teaching about bullying. Here is also another great  and touching video to watch with your students. Just 4 days ago this video was uploaded to YouTube and it has  already been viewed more than 3 millions times. It is 7 minutes long but I must say that this is the best video on bullying ever made. I had to fight back tears as I was watching it. It is really  moving and I want you to share it with your students and colleagues. One hand does not clap but Together we can make a change .

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