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Amazing Facts about YouTube

Do you know that this Valentine's Day coincides with the 8th anniversary of YouTube?  Yes 8 years now since YouTube was first launched and a lot of things have changed since that day. This video platform has radically revolutionized the human knowledge in a way that no other website has ever done including Wikipedia. Do you know that a decade worth of human knowledge is now uploaded into YouTube on a daily basis ? Can you imagine how much information is stored for the coming generations?

 YouTube is also behind the political turmoil going in in the middle east and north Africa. I don't think there would be anything called Arab Spring if it hasn't been for the services YouTube provided for the masses. YouTube is not only the best news platform where you can track hot news as they happen  but can also be your teacher, guide , mentor, in short anything you want.
Check out how YouTube developed through these 8 years in this great infographic created by Shorty Media


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