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A Collection of Great Interactive Sites for Teachers

Today as I was sifting through my feeds I came across this awesome treasure trove of educational websites curated in a Weebly page.I spent a couple of hours going through the links included in this resource and I found them really interesting and worth sharing with the readers of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I am particularly adding them to the Educational Web Tools section.

This Weebly page  is a work in progress and there will be more added to it in the future like the Art section for instance is still not ready but I will let you know of any additions.There are also few links which no longer work and apart from that I am pretty sure you will be amazed by the web tools recommended there.

These web tools are geared towards k-5 students. They are basically online interactive, educational games and simulations. They also feature several activities that will work great with your " SMARTboard or interactive whiteboard for whole group or small group instruction or use in the computer lab or at home for individual learning."

Here are the main categories featured in the list, click on any title to access its web tools. Enjoy

1- Math

A collection of interactive web tools to help your students learn Math from addition to subtraction

2- English Language and Arts

This section comprises some great websites for learning different topics including : Grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary,poetry and many more

3- Science

You will find here a congregation of interactive web tools, activities and games all geared towards helping your students master science notions including : body system, life system, solar system,, food system and many more

4- Social Studies

This section features some really interesting resources on different topics including : continents, countries, maps and directions, ancient Egypt, Presidents and governments, and many more

5- Brain Teasers

Here you will have access to some practical games to improve your students thinking skills

6- Music

Access some great resources on Music from tools to compose music to playing music using virtual tools.

7- Typing

In this section you will find a collection of some awesome games and activities to improve your students typing skills.

8- Holidays

Here are some resources to teach about some popular holidays like : Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas,Thanksgiving and more

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