Saturday, February 2, 2013

8 Things to Know about Creativity ( Cool Poster )

Creativity is the key to success in today's world. As educators and teachers, we probably  are preparing our students for jobs that have not yet been created. And as  Technology is making some fast-paced changes that are radically transforming different  aspects of our life the poignant question we need to ponder about is :    Are our students prepared for these changes ? This is a question Ken Robinson has answered in several of his talks top of them all is his phenomenal TED talk entitled " Do Schools Kill Creativity ".

Unfortunately today's educational systems are suffocating the spirit of creativity in our students and  there is still that traditional focus on Math and Science at the expense of Arts, music and many other subject areas where creativity thrives the most. Yes it is a question of mindset and we need to work hard to change this mindset and plant the seeds of creativity in our students so that they can reap plentiful  harvest in tomorrow's job market.That being said, I am sharing with you a poster that features 8 things to know about creativity. I am also adding it to the Creativity Section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Enjoy

Click HERE to enlarge and  download this poster as PDF. I knew about this poster from ASCD

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