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6 Ways to Enhance Students Learning Using iMovie

iMovie has made a surge into classroom instruction, in part because of the rapid growth in the field of digital video and partly because of Apple`s superior software design that offers tremendous ease for the user. I am pretty sure many of you have already tried iMovie in a way or another but today I want to share with you some tips of how to use this powerful tool with your students to enhance their learning.

Why use iMovie with your students :

  • iMovie can bring your lessons to life through video, sound, and picture
  • It is a powerful and highly engaging tool for students to share their knowledge and express themselves in the form of digital movies
  • iMovie can open many doors in your classroom for students to use their 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking along with using technology
  • It promotes collective knowledge construction and individual reflection
  • It offers a variety of backgrounds and experiences to engage in authentic learning

Here are the 6  ways to use iMovie with your students :

1- Create engaging presentations
This is probably the primary function of iMovie. Apple designed iMovie in such a way that it becomes next to impossible for any other software developer to beat it. The presentations created by iMovie are highly distinguished and are ideal for classroom teaching. Show your students how to create  presentations using pictures, text and sound and let them experiment with its different features 

2- Create How to Videos
iMovie can be used for creating tutorials and guides for students.. Teachers can create a how-to iMovie around a concept taught in the classroom and students can then burn it into a disc or load it into an iPod and take it home and practice it with the appropriate instruction. It can also be uploaded into the classroom blog for everyone to access any time they want. This is also a great way to help those students who were unable to attend the class when the concept was taught.

2- Create Video reports
Students can use iMovie to create high-quality video reports to demonstrate their comprehension of abstract concepts.

3- Provide out-of school experiences
Both teachers and students can use iMovie to document and record events outside of the school and that has relevance to the units being taught in the classroom e.g., field trips . These iMovies can be brought to the classroom and shared with the whole class.

4- Use iMovie for classroom projects
Using iMovie in classroom projects is a great way to promote a culture of collaboration and co-operation among students. They can work in groups to create  iMovies that includes text, photos,and sound to  represent  their projects. While watching works of others, students can have the chance of giving feedback to their peers.

5- Digital story telling
Students can use iMovie to tell stories using digital media including pictures, images, and  music. This can improve their verbal fluency and their communicative skills.

6- Create book trailers/reports
Students can use iMovie to create engaging book trailers and this is how they can do it : 

  • Read a book
  • Create a summary of the book
  • Plot summary on story board
  • Select images to match student writing
  • Use iMovie to create book trailer
  • Enhance it with music and transitions

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