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6 Great Posters on Bullying

Two days ago I shared with you a great video on Bullying and I got a lot of feedback on it from people from all around the world. I am really glad you liked the video and thank you so much for all your feedback and a special thanks to the grandmother who  shared it with her grand daughter a Junior High School teacher. Yes bullying is a serious problem that threatens our kids and we need , from our positions as teachers and educators, to do our best , if not to eliminate it from our school environment , then at least to mitigate the gravity of its consequences on the bullied and get students aware of its dangers.

One of my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning asked for some posters on bullying to use with her kids and instead of sharing them in a private email with her I deemed it important that you have them too in case you want to use them in your classroom.

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courtesy of 4.bp

courtesy of  Usaprint

courtesy of joehol93

courtesy of Fuzion

This poster shows a boy crying with a hand which is chocking him and is composed of hurtful words.
courtesy of joehol93


courtesy of all poster

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