Sunday, February 3, 2013

50+ Great iPad Apps for Students

After publishing 30 iPad Apps Every Teacher Should Have  I curated another list of iPad apps but this time for  students. This list is subjective and is based on my own experience as a teacher and as an educational technology researcher and blogger. I included only the apps I think students REALLY need to have some familiarity with in order to better leverage the educational potential of iPad. Just as I said before no matter how many apps I include here there will always be some missing.

Unlike the list I provided for teachers, this student list is organized into categories with each category comprising some relevant apps. Check them out below

Mindmapping Apps

  1. MindMeiser
  2.  Popplet
  3. Idea Sketch
  4.  Mind Node
  5.  Simple Mind
  6.  iThoughts HD

Digital Portfolio Apps

  1.  Evernote
  2.  Paper
  3.  Three Ring
  4.  Coolibah
  5.  VoiceThread

Writing Apps

  1. Write Boom
  2.  Enso Writer
  3.  Clean Writer
  4.  Chapters Notebooks for Writers
  5.  Chronicle for iPad

Reading Apps

  1.  iPlay & Sing
  2.  Booksy
  3.  Aesop Quest
  4.  Read Me Stories

Apps to Do Research

  1. Documents to Go
  2.  Readdledocs
  3.  Dropbox
  4.  Wolfram alpha
  5.  Good Reader

Annotating Apps

  1.  Notability
  2. Course Notes
  3. PaperPort Notes
  4. DocAs
  5. GoodNotes Free
  6. iAnnotate PDF

Digital Storytelling

  1. StoryKit
  2. Talking Tom & Ben News
  3.  I Tell a Story
  4.  Scholastic Storia
  5. Talking Tom Cat
  6. Toontastic
  7. Our Story

Photo Collage Apps

  1.  PicStitch
  2. Picture Collage HD
  3.  Mixel
  4.  Sadun's Collage

Presentation Apps

  1.  Sliderocket
  2.  Idea Flight
  3.  Slideshark
  4.  Xavier Presentation
  5.  SlideGrabber
  6.  Prezi Viewer

Apps to Create e-Books

  1.  Book Creator for iPad
  2.  eBook Magic
  3.  Demibooks Composer
  4.  Story Patch
  5.  Creative Book Builder

Video Apps

  1. Animoto Video
  2.  Videolicious
  3.  Vidify app
  4.  ReelDirector
  5.  Magisto
  6.  Super 8

Note Taking Apps

  1.  Paper Desk Lite
  2.  Idea Sketch
  3.  Mobile Noter
  4.   ABC Notes
  5.  Ghost Writer Notes
  6.  Penultimate

Audio Recording Apps

  1.  AudioBoo
  2. `iTalk Recorder
  3.  Mobile Podcaster
  4.  iPadio
  5.  Voice Recorder HD
  6.  Audio Note

Screen Sharing Apps

  2.  Air Sketch
  3.  Conference Pad
  4.  Team Viewer
  5.  Screen Chomp

         Apps to Do Homework 

  1.  Homeworkr
  2.  Homework Planner
  3. iHomeworkr
  4.  iStudiez-Pro

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  1. I wanna to add my favorite app in this list. It's really useful with many functions supporting me to improve my memory and set up my systematic flashcards for my study. I could choose various options and enjoy my time.


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