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5 Great iPad Apps to Create Timelines

There is a scarcity of timeline apps in iTunes market and it took me awhile to compile the list below. I have already shared a web version of such tools in a post entitled The Best Timeline Creation Tools for teachers but never had it in my mind to compile a mobile version till one of my readers her in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning contacted me a week ago asking for apps to create learning timelines for her students. I did a lot of sifting and came up with the list below. If you know of other apps that can be added to the list please share them in the comment form below. Enjoy

1- Timeline Maker

Timeline Maker helps you in a very easy and fast way to display a list of events in chronological order. Timelines can be shared by email, saved to Photo library and printed. 

2- Timeline 3D

Make and present timeline charts from your events for school, work, or home. Timeline 3D uses award-winning visual design to help you understand and present chronologies and historic events with new perspective. It's simple to get started, because Timeline 3D will make a timeline automatically from your events.

3- Timestream

Timestream is an easy and fun way to create timelines and chronologies on the iPad that you can share with your family and friends. You can include events, event periods, and images to create scientific, historical and personal timelines. You can span billions of years or only a few microseconds.

4- Timeline

Timeline Minimalist Project Management is a tool for professionals, entrepreneurs and ordinary people that want to plan, manage and report on projects from their iPad. If you work on projects, programs or events, Timeline can help you deliver with style and professionalism

5- Timeline Builder

TimelineBuilder for iPad is a unique and robust app that allows the user to create custom timelines with beginning and ending dates of their choosing, adding events where they want with the ability to manipulate image size and placement. TimelineBuilder is a flexible tool, allowing the user to edit timelines; add, edit and delete events; add or swap images; resize and reposition images and timeline events.

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