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10 Great Web Tools to Create e-Books for your Classroom

I have just finished compiling a list of some must have web-based tools that can allow you to create books.These tools can also be used with students. They are very simple to use and have friendly interfaces. The best way to get students engaged is to make them feel they are responsible for their learning, you can for instance have them paired in small groups and work on a writing project using one of the tools below.
Check out the list below and let us know what you think of these book making tools :

1- Blurb

This is probably one of the most popular tools in this regard. It offers several features to help users create their books like different layout, designs, colours, size....etc

2- Zooburst

This is ideal for kids and students. Zooburst allows users to easily and instantly create digital storytelling books using a wide range of tools.

3- Tikatok

This is another cool web tool that allows users to create books. It is also prefect for kids, it is very simple and easy to use, just write, illustrate and publish

4- Storyjumper

As its name indicates, this tool lets you write your own stories and using your images and pictures to illustrate them. It also helps you choose the topic of your story, a really awesome tool.

5- Bookr

Bookr is a web tool that lets you create and share your own photo book using Flickr images.

6- Blog Booker

Blog Booker is a tool you can use to produce some high quality Blog Book from all your blog's entries and comments.

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