Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 Great Video Tutorials on Using Twitter in Education

To tweet or not to tweet is the question. This is the title of one great short video I shared in the list below. Though the question sounds philosophical but it is purely explanatory and illustrative. I am revisiting the educational potential of Twitter but this time   in audio visual format. This is the first time I am sharing a video list of tutorials on how teachers can use Twitter for both professional and academic purposes and I believe that this is a great addition to our Twitter in Education section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.
I have learned about this video playlist from one of my favourite websites: Edutopia and  similar to the video list on critical thinking skills, the videos below are also short, to the point and highly informative. Enjoy

1- Tweet or not to Tweet

2- Twitter Search in Plain English

3- Twitter for Teachers in 15 Minutes

4- Twitter Hashtag Basics

5- Using Twitter to build a PLN

6- Using Twitter in The Classroom

7- Academic Excellence in 140 Characters

8- Twitter in the classroom on CNN

9- Twitter in the classroom ?

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