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why should students use facebook

What do you think about Facebook as a learning social networking media for students? Do you believe in its educational potential or do you think we need to keep our students away from it because it is all about distraction ? Of course there is no right or wrong answer to these questions and each one of you has a different stance, perspective, and worldview from which he/she view  things and decide what works or not for their particular situation. Each time I publish a post advocating the use of Facebook in education I get angry replies and emails from some of my readers.  While I do respect this opinion I also strongly believe that Facebook, just like any other social networking platform can be used for educational purposes.  It is not an issue of the tool it is rather how we use the tool, how we leverage it and benefit from it.

 Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted some practical guides and tips on how teachers can utilize Facebook with their students and I will definitely carry on proving more resources in this regard. For the purposes of this post, I am sharing with you an awesome infographic that will help you decide whether Facebook is appropriate for the age group you are teaching.

facebook in education Courtesy of edudemic

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