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Top 20 LiveBinders you should not Miss

Digital bookmarking  is a pivotal learning skill. It does not only allow you to organize your information into one single platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection but can also help you in your professional growth. Web2.0 technologies have made it way easier for us to control and curate the content we come across online. I definitely believe that without the power of bookmarking we would never be able to manage the huge influx of information Internet provides. I have already talked in a previous post about the benefits of bookmarking for us as teachers and learner and I said that bookmarking web tools:

  • Allow us to collect, aggregate, curate and  bookmark links to resources we want to  read later on
  • Let us share resources we have collected about a topic with colleagues and students
  • Help us gather and organize web content
  • Let us develop our personal learning networks 
  • Allow us  to create a community for sharing resources in our  school or work environment
  • Help us grow professionally and expand our focused knowledge

I am also recommending the following bookmarking tools for you :
LiveBinder is one the best   bookmarking web tools out there. It allows users to organize  links and web content into binders with titles and descriptions attached to each binder. I am pretty sure you are already familiar with  LiveBinder and how it works. Below is a set of some of the top LiveBinders that contain great resources and materials of relevant interest to us in education. Check out the list below and share with us your feedback. Enjoy

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