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The Best Twitter Tools and Tips Teachers should Know about

My first post here in 2013 is about Twitter. I am not really sure how to start it because there are a lot of things we have written about this social networking platform and the best thing to do is to write a comprehensive e-book which I am expecting to publish next months because for now I am working on two other e-books that I will share with you as soon as they are ready. Speaking about my eBooks, I would like to thank you for uploading and sharing The Best of Teacher's Web Tools. It is really amazing how many of you have already  used and embedded it  in less than 24 hours since its being published.

To keep this post short , I am going to provide you with the most popular content I have published in Twitter for Educators section. The articles below will help you tap into the educational potential of Twitter as a teaching and learning tool and also as a tool for professional development . Go through them and share with us your feedback or if you have other interesting resources to share with us please do so in the comment form below . Enjoy

1- A Great Twitter Cheat Sheet for Teachers

2- 3 Tools to Turn your Tweets into Newspaper

3- The 17 Best Twitter Hashtags for Education

4- 10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development

5- Teachers Guide to The Use of Twitter in The Classroom

6- Twitter Tips every Teacher should Know about

7-Top 14 Educational Technology Tweeters to Follow

8- Top 10 Educational Technology Hashtags for Educators

9- 12 Twitter every Educator Must Know about

10- This is how To Cite Tweets in Education

11- Teachers Road map to The Use of Twitter in Education

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