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My Top 8 Hashtags as A Teacher

Just like the previous post on my Top 10 we curation tools I use as a teacher and researcher I am also providing you with my top 8 Twitter hashtags. I know such selections are personal and I do them because first I want to share with you the knowledge I have accrued from my day to day experience with educational technology and second because I receive emails from many readers asking about the tools I use as a teacher.And because you are reading these lines now, chances are you are sharing with me the same interests ( I am glad you do ) and so such lists will help your professional development plans.

In case you are not already familiar with what hashtags are all about , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted several posts that can help you learn more about hashtags, check out the titles below :

1- #edtech
This is one of my favourite hashtags on Twitter. It provides you with news, tips, tools.....etc on the use of technology in education

If you are interested in discovering and learning more about the use of educational apps in teaching, edapp is a hashtag to follow.

This is one of the popular hashtags and it is a great way for you to meet other teachers from all around the world and stay updated about the trending topics in education.

This one stands for education reform and it speaks for itself , when you join this chat you will have the chance to explore what educators are sharing on educational issues.

Using this hashtag you can connect with other people interested in online and electronic learning and also distance learning.

This hashtag stands for mobile learning and it features all the tweets relating to the use of mobile devices in learning.

This is a hashtag that allows you to stay updated about the issues related to science, technology and education.

This is hashtag created by Edutopia last May it stands for New Teacher chat

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