Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is Technology Changing our Lives ? Don`t Miss These Great Videos

Is technology a real game changer in our life? Do you think that human life will be totally  digitized in 20 years time? If you pause for a second and pull yourself out of the hustle and bustle of your daily busy life and think deeply about  how much technology you are using , you will really be amazed. How many times you use your phone to make calls, write sms, or even check your Facebook while in the bathroom? How much time you spend online jumping from one website to another, reading , researching or just making new acquaintances? How much time you spend with your family and friends in REAL world socializing 

 Some say this is the price we pay for technology and unfortunately we pay it at the expense of our social well being. The price is even higher when it comes to digital natives who are born into technology and are totally dependent on it.However, to bring you closer to how technology is changing our lives, I am sharing with you these great and must see videos. I discovered them through a tweet from Sir Ken Robinson. Enjoy

1- Connected

2- Brain Power: from Neurons to Networks

3- Facing The Future

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