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iPad Basics Cheat Sheet

While working on Blooms Taxonomy Apps for iPad I came across this awesome cheat sheet that features some of the basic things we need to keep in mind when  using our iPad. Of course you might already know alot of the things mentioned in this cheat sheet but you will absolutely  find  new things you will learn for the first time. I also think that it would be much more  practical if you print it out and keep it with you on your desk. I personally love cheat sheets and I have several of them on my desk. I have even devoted an entire section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning to Educational Cheat Sheets Teachers should Have.Just like infographics, cheat sheets present information in a way that entices you to read more and when used with our kids and students, I am pretty sure that their  retention rate will definitely improve. Enjoy

Click HERE to download this cheat sheet.

Courtesy of iPad Wikispaces

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