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Interesting Flowchart on Twitter

I just learned about an interesting flowchart from Edudemic. I am sharing it with you below to have a look and see what you think about it. This flowchart is about the use of Twitter, it dissects each Twitter case and based on the concomitant conclusions it recommends whether to keep your Twitter account, seek help somewhere else, or close your Twitter account.

 The importance of this flowchart is in the critical thinking process it induces and  not in its content. I definitely do not agree with it at all but you might have a different stance on it which I would love to learn  about if you can share it with us in the comment form below. I personally think and therefore strongly advocate the use of Twitter in education and as a tool for professional development. The Educational Twitter section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning proves the importance of Twitter in education. Anyway, I will let you read and think about this flowchart and see what you think of it. Do you agree with it says ?

twitter in education

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