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Great Resources on The Use of iPad in Education

Are you planning to use iPad in your teaching this year ? Are you still looking for resources to help you with the implementation of this mobile device in your classroom? I know those first steps can sometimes be extremely hard particulalry in regard to a piece of technology that is still relatively new in education. You might also have problems convincing your school staff about the importance of iPad in yur teaching. You need to have solid ground to stand on and to do this you  need to have recourse to the different educational resources you can put your hands on. Fortunately this modest blog can provide you with a head start into the world of' ' iPadology '. We have an iPad section where you can find tons of materials from apps to guides on the use of iPad in education. This is also a work in progress to which I keep adding more and more materials  as I am doing in this post.

I have selected for you some great slides on the use of iPad in education. Go throught them below and share with us what you think of them. Your additions and suggestions are welcome.

Courtesy of Shambles

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