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Great Infographic Making Tools for Teachers

You might be asking yourself each time you stumble upon a nice and visually attractive imfographic, how do those guys get to create these awesome graphics. I know tools matter but what matters more is how much creativity you invest in them. Creative and innovative minds do reflect great works not only in infographic making but in any other field.

I have assembled a set of some of the best infographic making tools below but it is  up to your creativity and sense of innovation to use them in a way to benefit your teaching and enhance your students learning. Just keep in mind that inforamtion presented in a visually appealing form is more likely to be remembered and get students engaged in the learning process. Enjoy


This is my favorite tool. It helps you easily create awesome infographics using pre-designed templates. It also lets you create an infographic out of any Twitter Hashtag provided you are signed in which you can do using your Twitter account.

This is another great web tool to create infographics. Again the process is very simple just drag and drop. provides you with a set of pre-made designs to choose from and use as a canvas and you can also upload your own images to include in your infographics


I love PiktoChart and I have used it a couple of times and found it really great. It also provides pre-made themes and allows you to cutomize the enitre font and colour scheme in your infographic

4- is an easy to use online service that lets you create, share, and discover infographics and online charts.It is also very easy to use, you can select a pre-designed template, add charts, videos and maps and within a few clicks your template is ready to go viral.

Other infographic creation tools you might want to try :

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