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Google's Best Apps of 2012

Google has recently published its list of the best apps in Google Play for 2012. Unexpectedly, the list was very short and included only 11 apps . I am not sure why they made it this short but I would say that some very important apps are unjustly missing from the list like Dropbox and Google Drive which I think have as much popularity as the other ones. However let us have a cursory look at each one of them.

1- Evernote

Stay on top of every element of your life, from anywhere. Take notes, capture photos and record memos with this amazing organizer

2- Pinterest

Take full advantage of your android device and set pins from anywhere using the built-in sharing system. Share and enjoy!

3- Grimm's Snow White

A deceptively simple and well-executed storybook that serves as a perfect introduction to the world of Grimm's fairy tales.

4- Pocket

A full-featured offline reader that is constantly adding new capabilities like site subscriptions that let you save articles on paid sites.

5- Expedia

A beautiful and well-designed app that sets the bar for globally relevant travel tools with a rich and detailed tablet experience.

6- Ancestry

A unique and full-featured genealogy app that delivered a stunning design overhaul which also delivered new functionality.

7- Fancy

Fancy lets you share your personal style with style and brings a fresh perspective to the worlds of online shopping and fashion.

8- Min.Com

One of the most robust, feature-rich and intuitively designed tools available to help you master your personal finances.

9- Series Guide

Enjoy a great second-screen experience for TV that features an attractive, practical and well-planned design aesthetic.

10- Pixlr Express

A relatively new photography app that provides an amazing array of editing and photo-correction tools for both phones and tablets.

11- TED

Enjoy talks and lectures from some of the world's most fascinating mavericks, gurus and legends.

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