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Facebook Pages and Groups for Teachers

Facebook "notoriety " as a mere  socializing social media website has clothed its real educational value. Some of the eyebrows are raised now as they see this " queer " combination between education and Facebook, but judging the worth of something cannot be placed out of ignorance and hearsay and sentences like " Facebook is no good for education " are but  a product of this unmindful thinking.

As teachers and educators, critical literacy theory taught us to be skeptic about the taken for granted assumptions and unless there is a scientific study based on a rigorous research, we can not say that Facebook or any other social media site is not suitable for education. I have to say these things because after I published Teacher's Guide to The Use of Facebook in Education, I got some very severe ( but constructive ) criticism saying that Facebook should never be used with students and while evidence in favor of its use in education abounds , there is no evidence against this use.Let us take the analogy of the knife as an example, a knife can be dangerous and harmful if not properly used but this does not mean that we have to do without it so does Facebook. I will probably come back to this discussion in a future post but for now let me share with you some of the posts Educational Technology and Mobile Learning recommends in this regard :

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To these resources, we are adding this great guide from Smart Board Goodies. This is really a a useful tutorial that will show you how to tap into some educational uses of Facebook. Needless to say that this guide is short enough that you can read it in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy

Click HERE to download the guide and here is a snapshot of its table of contents.

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