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Explore The History of Information with Cave Paintings to The Internet

What an amazing project From Cave Paintings to The Internet is! I am completely enthralled by this work and I am pretty sure you will feel the same  when you discover what it is all about and how it works. From Cave Paintings to The Internet is an online project that documents the history of information and media from as early as 2.500.000 BCE to the modern day.

All of the information contained in this project is organized into a Google Maps based interface with a great search functionality. To start exploring the records in this project you can select a theme from the ones provided there ( it has over 90 themes from archaeology to virtual reality ) you can also choose a time frame for your search and to choose the region you want to investigate. Once you have set your search preferences,  the page will auto-refresh and provide you with the results in the form of clickable pins on the map. Hover your mouse over any pin and an informational box will pop up.

This is an example I did. I chose Computer and Society as a theme and selected the era from 1990-1999 and when I hovered my mouse over a pin that is geographically situated in Canada I got the result below :

All thanks and gratitude go back to Google Maps Mania for this resource.

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