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Excellent Resources on BYOD for Teachers

Mobile technology is making explosive growth into our schools and classrooms.There is now a growing trend towards taking advantage of mobile devices to inspire learning and promote students engagement, but the problem is that school districts can not cover the costs of these devices and to provide every student with a gadget would be out of their affordability particularly with the shrinking budgets being allocated for high tech materials.However, several initiatives have been taken to counter this financial block facing the implementation of mobile technology in classroom  and one of these initiatives is called BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device).

BYOD is all about students bringing their Mobile gadgets from home ( like smartphones, tablets. laptops etc ) and use them for educational purposes inside the classroom. In this way students will be learning  using the technology they are already familiar with and the shortage of mobile technology will be covered. To learn more about BYOD I have brought you some great resources from K12 Blue Print. These are basically free PDFs that you can download. Click on any title to download its PDF. Enjoy

1- Getting Started with BYOD

2- BYOD Planning and Implementation Framework

3- Challenges of BYOD

4- Scenarios for Mobile Technology Integration

5- Mobility Emerges as The Next K-12 Education Innovation

6- BYOD Readiness Checklist for Schools

7- BYOD Case Study

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