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Effects of Video Games on our Brains ?

I am really getting confused here. Just last month I posted an article entitled " Do Video Games Make Kids Violent ". This post was mainly inspired by the book  I have read for Paul James Gee (  What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Second Edition: Revised and Updated Edition ) . To see why I am confused . read the excerpt from Gee's book and look at the facts included in the infographic ( from online universities below particularly in the second section labelled " The effects of violent video games ". Which one to believe ?

Here is what Paul Gee said about video games in pages 11-13

 " None of the current research even remotely suggests video games lead to real-life violence in any predictable way. As a good many people already know, since it has been pointed out by conservative politicians and policy makers as a sign of the effectiveness of their social policies, there has been a pronounced decrease in violent crime since the earlier 1990s, the very time when violent video games were introduced, for example, Mortal Kombat, Doom, and Quake. Even more to the point, if playing violent video games leads to a statistical increase in violence we should see a rise in violent crime, say, after QuakeCon each year, an event which draws thousands of gamers to play violent games. So far no one has found any such thing. On the other hand, some  researchers  have argued that video games have beneficial effects in regard to violence:  for example, that teens use violent games as a way to manage feelings of anger as an outlet for feelings of a lack of control. 
In my view the issue of violence is overblown ( especially in a world where real people are regularly killing real people in wars across the world that we watch on television ). Debates over violence in video games are one more way in which  we seek to talk  about technology doing things to people rather than talking about the implications of people's overall social and economic  contexts. Having said that , I don't advocate having young children play M-rated games and I most certainly  advocate that parents know what their children  are doing and engage in ongoing discussions with them, discussions in which they seek not just to teach their children but to learn from them as well.

Now read the facts included in this infographic and compare the two.

The Neurology of Gaming

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