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Effective Ways to Enjoy Reading Books you Don't Like

It is probably a human nature that we don't seem to be much willing to read books imposed on us from others ( be it your professor, degree program, institution....ect ). Think about those textbooks you are summoned to read to pass the final year exam or to meet the requirements for a certain degree, when you are reading them the clock stops and ticks very slowly, sometimes it amounts to a real torture. We all have had an experience of some sort in this regard and probably as you are reading these lines the title of that damned book that irritated you is right before your eyes.

I am hoping that you no longer have to read a book that you do not like but if you have to then use Jim Trelease advice. In his phenomenal video below, Jim advocated a set of techniques that will turn books you don't like into friends. I definitely recommend that you share this video with your students and help them learn how to make their book reading a real pleasure.

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