Saturday, January 26, 2013

Easy Steps to Create Self Grading Assessment Using Google Forms

Google Forms is one of the tools I love working on. I have been using it to create all kinds of forms both for my class and for my readers here. Just a couple of days ago I published a list of 8 great forms for teachers to have and I was really amazed by the multitude of sharing requests I got following its publication, the next day I woke up my inbox was full with requests but of course as usual  I answered everybody of you and I am really very glad that you liked those forms.

Today I am sharing with you a video tutorial created by a guy who is Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and in which he expalains in a step by step process how you can use Google Forms to create self-grading assessment. The video is not long it is just a little over 7 minutes but I really loved it and I am pretty sure you will as well. Let me quote you the things Mike will talk to you about in this video :

0:15 – What you need to get started
0:55 – How to create your self grading assessment
1:15 – Where to type your question
1:30 – How to add answers
1:45 – What does ‘required question’ mean?
2:00 – How to use the duplicate questions to save time
2:46 – How to add more questions to your self grading assessment
3:00 – A reminder – it is not just about the technology – it is about student engagement through feedback
3:15 – How to add a theme to your self grading assessment
3:45 – How to embed your self grading assessment into a class blog etc
4:40 – The link between a form and a spreadsheet
5:15 – Inserting the script (Flubaroo) into your spreadsheet
5:50 – How to grade the self grading assessment
6:30 – How to read the results
7:15 – I mention that if the students spell the answer incorrectly wrong they will get it wrong (when using text based answers).  There has been an update in Flubaroo since I recorded the video which allows you to give multiple answers to Google to consider.

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