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Connected Learning Explained

Are we really taking advantage of this digital information age to enhance the quality of today's education? Are we keeping pace with the fast-changing learning styles of our students? Do we know when, how, and what technology to use in our classrooms ? Do schools and curricula facilitate the integration of such technology ? These and many other similar questions are in the core of the present debate about the kind of education students need to success in a digitally focused world.

We are preparing students for jobs that do not exist yet but unfortunately some of us are still using  old fashioned techniques. The importance is still primarily placed on the end product and outcomes and not the process. We forget that learning is a social process, one that is collaboratively constructed with different  students bringing  their own experiences to enrich and diversify it. As Mimi Ilto said " The problem is effective matchmaking… it’s not so much about finding the information anymore.. but about bringing people together who want to learn together… This is fundamentally reconfiguring what we think of as the problem and goal of education."  This is where the power of networking comes into play, our students learn within  affinity groups, via networks defined by common and shared interests and goals. We need  to help students thrive in these networks and teach them how to expand them to include other networks. In doing so we will be touching the core of connected learning,a concept that I will let you explore more in this great video. I have personally watched this clip more than 3 times and in each time I learn something new. It is really amazing. Enjoy

Connected Learning: 'ESSENCE' from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

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