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A Must Have Graphic on The Elements of Thought

The critical thinking section I have recently started here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is growing bigger and bigger. I know how much important this skill is in our education and I see how much interaction you have with this topic and the emails I get from you each time I post about it and this is exactly why I created it after all . I want to assemble a repository of materials, posts, presentations, graphics,...ect on critical thinking that anyone of you can refer to whenever needs be.

Last week when I posted The Thinking Graphic Map one of you wrote a comment under this post with more sources on critical thinking. I checked the sources and I found some really amazing materials and the graphic I have for you today is from one of these sources . Now you see why I always urge you to share with us your comments in each article I publish, it is because I also learn from you and share what I learn with other who do not know about it .

The graphic below is about The Elements of Thought. I really loved it and I loved more the website where I got it from,  Critical It has a lot of great resources on this topic and I highly recommend it for you.

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